Why GALEP?

There are many universal device programmers on the market, ranging in price from $400 up to $3500 or more. What makes GALEP programmers special, and why do they stand out in programmer comparisons? Below you'll find four good reasons that set the GALEP series apart from the rest.
Pin Driver IC: Precision and Reliability

Most universal programmers use a network of resistors, transistors and standard ICs to generate the voltages for a pin of the programming socket. For 48 or more pins, a high number of components is required. This makes the programmer bulky and power-consuming, and needs extensive adjustments for matching the device manufacturer's specifications.

This is different with GALEP programmers. Conitec has developed an own pin driver IC especially for universal device programmers. This IC generates programming signals with precise current control and waveform integrity. Directly driving the socket pins also reduces output capacitance and ground bounce noise, and allows faster clock rates with better signal forms. With a GALEP programmer you won't encounter the problems that other programmers sometimes have especially with new, fast programmable devices.

Pocket Size, Self-Powered: High Mobility

The pin driver integration allows the small, lightweight design of the GALEP mobile programmers. Unlike other programmers, they don't need a bulky case and don't require access to an external power supply. This makes them best suited for service, field, chip tuning or similar off-the-desk applications. And for production programming, a chain of GALEP programmers won't take the whole desk, and won't need a nest of power cables or adapters!

ARM-9 Linux Kernel: High Speed

With its 200 MIPS ARM-9 processor and embedded Linux system, the GALEP-5 series has the highest computing power of all programmers available today. For software development and also for production it's a difference if a MCU device is programmed in 20 seconds, as with GALEP-5, or needs more than a minute as with other programmers.

The high speed CPU in combination with a special FPGA allows programming most devices in the minimum time specified by the manufacturer, without using any programming tricks. For speeding up the process further, programming data is stored in GALEP's internal 64 MB or 128 MB RAM. This way it needs to be transferred only once for production programming, and not every programming cycle as with other programmers. Depending on the device type, a GALEP gang programming cascade can program up to four times more chips per hour than gang programmers from other manufacturers. That's why you'll find GALEP programmers today in many automated programming systems and device handlers.

Open Source, Script Driven: Seamless Integration

The philosophy behind GALEP's software is the free sharing of information for the mutual advantage of manufacturer and user. We're the only manufacturer that publishes the source code of its programmer API. The Open Source concept integrates well with other Open Source solutions - for instance, the OpenOCD (On Chip Debugger) software allows GALEP to act as an in-system development and boundary-scan testing system.

All functions of the new GalepX software - even the user interface - are controlled by scripts in a C-like language. The scripts can be either directly executed for the automatisation of routine operations, or they can be sent to GalepX through its socket interface. This way you can build up a user interface of your own design, or seamlessly integrate GALEP into your development or production software under Windows or Linux.



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