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Customer Specific Development

Since the very first GALEP-1 device programmer, our GALEP programmer series has been influenced and expanded with the involvement of customers. We're using our 20 years experience with device programming and miniaturized LINUX systems to your advantage. We're developing customer specific solutions in the following areas:

  • GALEP adapters for In Circuit Programming
  • Special programming algorithms
  • Hardware and software for production programmers
  • Intelligent interface converters
  • LINUX Systems in connector shells

GALEP inside!

What's the common factor of the above connectors and a GALEP-5 device programmer? All are driven by the same ARM9 Linux Kernel. We're putting intelligence in a connector shell and produce for you intelligent protocol or interface converters from Ethernet to USB, V24, RS422 or any other interface formats. Our services include concept, development, case design, and mass production. If you are in need of miniaturized, intelligent devices for whatever purpose, please contact:

Conitec Datensysteme GmbH
Customer Specific Development
Dieselstr. 11c
64807 Dieburg, Germany

or send an email with your request to mail(at)conitec.net.



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